Azerbaijan Police Detain Scores of Protesters, Including Opposition Party Leader смотреть

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Наш мир невероятно динамичен и новости типа "Azerbaijan Police Detain Scores of Protesters, Including Opposition Party Leader" появляются практически каждую секунду, успевай лишь смотреть онлайн.

Police in Azerbaijan detained scores of protesters, Saturday, October 19, including the leader of the main opposition Popular Front, at the start of a planned rally against low salaries, corruption and a lack of democracy in the energy-rich ex-Soviet state.
The protesters have a wide range of demands, including higher salaries for state employees, and fair and independent elections in a country long accused by human rights groups and Western governments of a lack of transparency.
The deputy head of the Baku police confirmed that some people had been detained, but declined to provide a number. (Reuters)

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