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Наш мир невероятно динамичен и новости типа "KS News: Nemesis video game?! Another company STEALS art and is taken down! Kemet Cthulhu is a bust!" появляются практически каждую секунду, успевай лишь смотреть онлайн.

There's a ton to go over from breaking news to forgotten Kickstarters. From big reveals to production updates I cover everything you need to know for some Kickstarter board gaming goodness.

Legends of Signum clarifications:
* My memory was incorrect about the company's location. They are based in Ukraine and it says as much in their Kickstarter about page. My sincere apologies for getting this incorrect.

* Originally this video showed some Paul Bonner art and a miniature that was made based on it. This was based on a forum post on BGG that tied this to Signum Games but this was incorrect and that portion of the video has since been removed.

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