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Наш мир невероятно динамичен и новости типа "Mini Eiffel Towers, Giant Whales and Other Model Masterpieces" появляются практически каждую секунду, успевай лишь смотреть онлайн.

Beyond model trains and planes, there is a whole world of creative model making out there. And the models come in all shapes and sizes as you’ll see in this reel. We begin in France, where we visit a theme park full of miniature versions of French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. In the suburbs of Moscow, we roll with an architect who builds life-size models of Soviet tanks that shoot confetti. In Utah, a wildlife artist shows us how he makes massive models of whales and other animals. And in a refugee camp in Jordan, we appreciate the work of Syrian artists creating small-scale replicas of historical monuments damaged and destroyed during the Syrian civil war.


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