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Наш мир невероятно динамичен и новости типа "Playstation Vita Video Blog Number Two (Vita News, Lord of Apocalypse Review, Games, More!)" появляются практически каждую секунду, успевай лишь смотреть онлайн.

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Here is Playstation Vita Video Blog Number Two! It contains talk about Vita sales, I show off Vita game cases, extras, and accessories, and I review Lord of Apocalypse, a launch title. These video blogs will be separate from gameplay videos, so check out my channel if you want to see those.

0:00 Welcome!
0:43 Vita Sales Talk!
4:55 Game Cases and Accessories!
9:16 Lord of Apocalypse Review!
14:10 Upcoming Games Oh Crap I'm Out of Time Thanks for Watching!

I appreciate all of the positive feedback from Blog Number One. Thanks to the overwhelming positive feedback, I am back for more, and will continue to make these videos as long as I have your support. My goal is to show people outside of Japan what gaming is like in this country from the perspective of a normal dude living in Osaka.

If you have any questions or comments, please tweet me or leave something below.

Thank you very much for watching!!

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