21 January 2020 Daily Bihar today news of Bihar districts video in Hindi.Bihar news today live смотреть

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21 january 2020 Latest Daily Bihar live today news from Bihar districts video in Hindi.

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1. Bihar once again created history through series
2. Helmet campaign will now start from rural areas
3. Unseasonal rains are now impacting farmers farming
4. Chances of raining are expected for the next 2 days
5. New look given to old clippers of Bhagalpur
6. State Sub Junior Girls Kabaddi Trophy unveiled
7. You will get to see a lot in the Jayaprakash Udyan of Munger.
8. Come, let us know about this famous person of Bihar
9. #Nalanda Sadhvi Padmavati stands on the demand of Ganga avidity
10. Indian team leaves for New Zealand tour for one and half month.
11. #NCC cadets annual training begins
12. RDD removes vacancies for Assistant, Stenographer
13. Vehicles will soon start running on the 6 lane bridge being built at Son
14. Guidelines issued for stet examination to be held on 28 January
15. Narendra Modi speaks to students in discussion on exam
16. #cbse 10th and 12th admit card released
17. Reasons for cancellation of 276 applications for Inspection Restoration Exam
18. Announcement of implementation of #OneNationOneCard, people of Bihar will have to wait a little longer
19. JP Nadda appointed as BJP national president unopposed
20. Chief Minister #NitishKumar gave assurance of planting eight and a half crores of trees
21. #JDU will field its candidates in two seats in Delhi
22. Bihari Party is ready to try its luck in Delhi Assembly Elections
23.#CMNitish was very happy to see support from Rajputs
24. The Chief Minister arrives in Patna thundering
25. Poster look of film flock released
26. Municipal sanitation workers descended on the streets with their demands

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