इमरान ने चीन के साथ किया पाकिस्तान का सौदा? विपक्षी दल पूछ रहे सवाल! смотреть

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इमरान ने चीन के साथ किया पाकिस्तान का सौदा? विपक्षी दल पूछ रहे सवाल!
Pakistan: Gwadar port contract is ‘confidential’, tells federal secretary informs Senate panel
Islamabad: A Senate panel on Thursday was taken aback when a federal secretary in Pakistan declared that the contract governing affairs of the Gwadar port was “confidential”, media reports said. The secretary said the details of the port could not be revealed publicly. In 2006, the Pakistani government had signed a contract over Gwadar port with a Singaporean company. It was later given to a Chinese company in 2013.
The Senate standing committee on finance led by Senator Farooq Hamid Naek on Wednesday had asked federal Secretary of Maritime Affairs Rizwan Ahmed to share copies of contracts and related documents on award of contracts and sub-contracts regarding Gwadar free zone, reported Dawn News.
Rizwan replied that the documents could not be shared with the Senate committee chairman and read out one paragraph from the agreement which says the contents of the agreement will be kept confidential, reported the Pakistan based newspaper.
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